• Hair

    Looking after your hair is important, and the easiest way to do that is by using quality products and tools.
    Team BSD are passionate about hair, so we have everything you need to make sure your hair is coiffed, conditioned, and coloured to it's full potential!

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  • Makeup

    Whether you're looking for the perfect lip colour or the best pair of lashes for your eye shape, you can find it here.
    We pride ourselves on stocking the best products for all of our customers' needs - If it wouldn't go in our kits, we wouldn't put it in yours!

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  • Accessories

    You didn't think we'd miss an opportunity to accessorise, did you?

    Unlike Coco Chanel, we believe in adding at least two extra things before you leave the house, so to help with that we stock a full range of headscarves, turbans, hair flowers, and jewellery!

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Rockabilly Pinup & Vintage Styling Experts

The Beauty School Dropouts have everything you need to make your vintage and pinup hair and makeup dreams a reality! As well as selling all our favourite products and accessories, we take hair and makeup bookings all over the country for parties, weddings, photoshoots, and events, along with teaching group workshops and private lessons.