About Us

Ever met someone and just know you'll be friends? Our founders Fran and Monique met at the Atomic Market in Hamilton in 2015 and immediately hit it off - Fran complimenting Mon on her spectacular nautical-themed outfit, and Mon returning the compliment about Fran's pink and green tropical ensemble! After working alongside each other for several months at vintage events and car shows all over the North Island, all the while talking about the gaping hole in the New  Zealand market for workshops, photoshoots, and really great hair flowers, the decision to team up and go into business together was an easy one!

The difficult bit? Settling on a name! As massive fans of both quirky kitschy vintage, and getting annoying songs stuck in people's heads, it seemed only logical to take reference from one of the greatest films to come out of 1978 - Grease! Thus, in April of 2016 The Beauty School Dropouts was born!

Since then, our team has grown to include incredibly talented makeup artists and stylists from all over the country, so you know wherever you are there's a dropout nearby!