Foiled Again

Foiled Again

Welcome to the first edition of Beauty School with our resident product junkie, the fabulous Nicole!
Here she'll be sharing all kinds of reviews, tips, tricks, and dupes, so if there's a product or technique you've been wanting to see in action let us know and Nicole will put it through it's paces. 

Do you love foil eyeshadow now you've discovered that you really need to apply it with fingers for maximum colour payoff and then use a small fluffy brush for blending? Same girl, same.

So here's a question - are you going to spend $56 to get one colour of Charlotte Tilbury's newly released Hypnotising Pop Shot eyeshadows? Or are you going to splash a whopping $15 to get the Makeup Revolution Foil Frenzy Fusion Palette on sale? Fifteen colours in the palette with INSANE colour payoff at only $1 each?! Honestly, every time I use this palette, it blows my mind. This would be a bargain at twice the price, so run, don't walk. I'm tempted to go and buy a second one so I have a backup.  

How to use it

Bare skin or foundation on your eyelid works okay but I always use the Gerard Cosmetics Clean Canvas Eye Primer (purchased via Amazon). Any primer that works for you and sets dry and not sticky will be suitable.  Foil shadows transfer best from your finger to your eyelid.  A brush just doesn't pick up the colour in the same way, but a small fluffy brush will help you defuse your edges into and above the socket once you've got that colour on. A little goes a long way, so start with a small amount.

You can mix colours, do an ombre effect starting from a dark shade in your outer corner to a medium shade in the middle of the lid and a light shade in the corner.  Apparently these can be used wet for greater effect and I did not know that so I'm off to try it!

One of my favourite ways to wear this is with a matte eyeshadow in my crease, and then three colours of foil in an ombre effect on my lid.

Something to be aware of - If you have very creased eyelids, foil shadows do tend to settle into the creases (something I've just embraced because the extra sparkle is worth it!)

Stay cool 'till after school,


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