Welcome to our Crib!

Welcome to our Crib!

Hi, hello, and welcome to the newest phase of the B-S-D

For those of you who already know what we're all about, thanks for coming on the next leg of this journey with us, and for those that don't - buckle in!

Aside from being the leading experts in vintage, pinup, and rockabilly hair and makeup in New Zealand, the Beauty School Dropouts are all about providing our customers with top-quality products, tools, tips, and tricks to help master their make up and styling at home! We know a lot of people have been unable to visit us in person at the events we work all over the country throughout the summer, so we wanted to bring our all favourite things to our all favourite people, all year round, to make sure everyone can get their fix.

Our customers want to do things a little differently and push the boundaries of their style comfort zones, and we'll be here to encourage and support that every step of the way with blogs, tutorials, and product reviews from the team, as well as fun Q&As and interviews with our favourite people!

The Beauty School Dropouts want to make all your wildest hair and makeup dreams come true, so whether that's canyon sized victory rolls, sky high beehives, or winged liner sharp enough to kill a man - we've got you 😘

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