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The Beauty School Dropouts

Glasses / Mask Chains - Beaded

Glasses / Mask Chains - Beaded

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Ok, hear me out, wearing a mask is fine, but they make it kind of hard to wear earrings, and you have to rifle around in your bag every time you need to put one on, so we've got one hell of a solution! 

Our mask / glasses chains are just another excellent accessory that the bespectacled members of the BSD squad have had in our arsenal while we're working to help avoid losing our glasses in among the chaos of our stations at events, but it turns out they're also great for keeping your mask handy when you're out and about, and means you can avoid breathing in the fluff, crumbs, and other detritus from the bottom of your handbag or the lint in your pockets too! 

These particular chains are embellished with crystal and pearl beads, which look excellent at the temples of your glasses, or hanging from your mask ear loops like earrings.
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