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Reusable Microfibre Makeup Remover Cloths

Reusable Microfibre Makeup Remover Cloths

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These reusable makeup remover cloths are gentle on your skin, and gentle on the planet! 
Soft and gentle but heavy duty, they work miracles when it comes to removing product at the end of the day. Can be used with just warm water (or with a drop of your regular makeup remover, micellar water, or an oil based cleanser for stubborn longwear lippies etc) to gently clean your face without scrubbing. 

To clean, massage with your regular facial cleanser or hand soap and rinse the bulk of the product out, then hang to dry over the tap until your next use! Every week or so, pop it in the washing machine with the rest of your towels etc for a deeper clean and hang to dry.

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