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Silicone Bead Necklaces

Silicone Bead Necklaces

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Introducing the neck-candy of your dreams! Our silicone gumball bead necklaces are the perfect accessory for any outfit, whilst also being secretly incredibly useful - The food grade silicone beads, firm breakaway clasps, and strong nylon strings ensure extra-safe wearability if you have a kiddo that just loves chewing on your jewellery while they're teething (or an excellent fidget accessory for people who can't help but chew on their hoodie strings) and they are super easy to clean in just a bit of soap and hot water. The soft touch click-together clasps house the knots for the strings so the length is easily adjustable, and each bead is securely knotted on so if the cord does happen to get chewed through the beads won't scatter to the floor.


Get ready to make a statement without breaking the bank, breaking your treasures, or breaking anyone's teeth! 

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