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The Beauty School Dropouts

Sun Earrings

Sun Earrings

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Picture this - It's 1997, you're six years old, and you walk past one of those hippy shops that sell crystals, tie dye everything, and little wooden elephants in the mall. Your eyes scan the store, and through the haze of incense, you spot a young blonde dreadlocked shopkeeper with a sparkly bindi, two nose rings, and a tribal tattoo arm band with a yin yang symbol in the middle, wearing the most peak 90s item of clothing ever made - A navy blue tie dyed trapeze dress with a big celestial sun emblazoned across the front. This must be the coolest human being on the planet, you think to yourself.

Of course, now that you're an adult you know that white people with dreadlocks and bindis and tribal tattoos aren't all that cool, but you still have a soft spot for the ol' celestial sun.

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